September 20, 2019

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Toys R’ Us Employees Fight for Much-Deserved Severance Package

Photo Credit: Phillip Pessar, Creative Commons 2.0 Just before Toys R’ Us went bankrupt, executives at the company were given checks measuring in the millions. Despite the fact that higher-ups made it out with money in their accounts, nearly … [Read more...]

Dealing With Debt and Bankruptcy as You Run Your Business

There are a number of reasons a small business can fail. It might lack the capital necessary to continue; it may have bad credit relations; it may have an ineffective marketing strategy; or it could have piled on too much debt. It’s not easy to run a … [Read more...]

Effects of Filing for Business Bankruptcy

When a business is overwhelmed with debt, you can file for business bankruptcy in order to get the business back on its feet. The effects of filing bankruptcy will differ depending on which chapter you file under. Elimination of debt. Business … [Read more...]

Supreme Court Ruling Nullifies Chapter 11 Structured Dismissals

According to a recent Supreme Court decision, Chapter 11 Bankruptcy priority rules can no longer be sidestepped by what is known as a “structured dismissal.” This essentially means that corporations or LLCs involved in bankruptcy proceedings will … [Read more...]